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Are you a coffee lover? Fancy an Espresso Martini?

Solo Coffee is the brainchild of two former award-winning baristas, who after years of working behind a coffee machine, decided to capture their expertise by bottling the finished product.

Behind two years of pushing their cold brew coffee, then they realised the product was particularly popular in bars, namely to make espresso martinis.

When they discovered this, they doubled down on creating a cold brew that was designed to work in espresso martinis. Much stronger and more viscous, meaning that the cocktails would have a strong coffee flavour as well as the iconic foam when poured.

Solo Coffee makes exclusively black coffee, not only in honouring the name -café solo means black coffee in Spanish-, but also because they believe in doing one thing well. They do their one thing well, so you can do yours.

And now we've teamed up with them to delight you with the Mexpresso Martini which is an Espresso Martini twist featuring Solo Coffee and Cazcabel Café available for Bottomless Brunch at Boxpark Croydon!

For more information, you can visit them at or at @solocoffeeuk. For our new new Espresso Martini, request your reservation Asap!

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