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Becoming part of history at Market Hall Victoria.

Since November 2021, HotBox is part of the Market Hall Victoria community experience.

The fabulous London food hall with its own rooftop terrace overlooking Victoria station, where you can watch the commuters scurry past as you sip on a cocktail and market’s three floors with enough space for up 400 diners, is a perfect space to eat, drink, work, enjoy and relax redefining dining habits in London.

Known as the Old Market Building, this place is situated behind Victoria Hall at the northeast corner of Third and Albert Streets in the Town of Cobourg and now welcome workers, residents, foodies and tourists to a carefully curated, eclectic and international range of food and drink.

The one-storey brick building, influenced by the Classical Revival style, was designed by the noted Toronto architect Kivas Tully, who also designed Victoria Station, and was constructed in 1856.

The exterior of the building and the scenic character of the property are protected by an Ontario Heritage Trust conservation easement.

This building is historically significant as part of the town's historic commercial centre and was part of a civic building campaign that included Victoria Hall (1856-60).

Market Hall Victoria has welcomed over 1.25 million visitors in just its first year of trading, offering a new form of casual dining accessible to all, promoting culinary talent, challenging industry norms and provinding a community hub relevant in this location.

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