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The Harbour Brewing- Hotbox available in draught at Boxpark Croydon!

We are thrilled to officially announce the outcome of our last year partnership with one of the coolest and conscious brands in the craft brewing business from Cornwall.

Our own classic lager can, containig the Harbour Brewing germanic style lager using perle, tettnanger & mittelfruh hops for a slight fruit hop aroma balanced beautifully with a robust malt backbone.

PALATE - Light, Fresh & Crisp

FINISH - Elegantly brisk & dry

MALTS – Lager

Lager is a beer that is brewed at cool temperatures by slow fermentation with a slow-acting yeast produced, meaning from bottom-fermenting yeast.

HOPS – Saaz

Saaz hops are world-famous for their low alpha acid content and high alpha/beta ratio, creating a hop that imparts a particularly soft or delicate bitterness. While the oil composition creates a clean, deep, herbal aroma.

As Harbour Brewing pals say in their manifestó, important as the product is the experience that goes in. The right people, in the right place, with a concerted effort - the beer takes care of itself.

Gather your people, you know the right place for an amazing experience.

And try our own Classic Lager at Hotbox Croydon!

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