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Mashing up: Smoke and tacos!

The fusion of culinary techniques and recipes has been in existence since the dawn of international trade and is one of the fastest-growing food trends from around the world.

Basically is a form of cooking that combines contrasting culinary traditions or techniques into a single dish, encouraging experimentation and freedom in exploring a contrast of flavours and textures.

There are various forms of fusion food, and within there is regional fusion which combines food from different regions or sub-regions and also culinary techniques combining two culinary disciplines evenly to create something new and distinctive, taking influence from contrasting climates, ingredients and cooking methods.

Even fish and chips is essentially an early fusion dish, combining elements of Jewish, French and Belgian cuisines. It contains the original ingredients of what we know now as fish & chips, yet it tends to be associated with the British seaside, accompanied by ketchup and lashings of salt and vinegar. The original recipe used fish coated in flour and dipped in batter before being fried. With the later inclusion of beer, cornflour and soda water there have been many modifications to the recipe since.

Beef short rib in our main courses menu is the best example of a food mashup, much like a musical mashup, taking two great dishes and unites them into something epic.

It is a dish that we can truly call our own, where we introduce these new food concepts in subtle and interesting ways, combining our meat smoking techniques with the Mexican tradition of tacos in an unexpected spicy marriage of flavour.

Haven't you taste it yet?

Fusion has always been rooted in history but is back in the consciousness of a new, bold generation wanting to experience fresh and exciting food and as @cavitaadriana said: "Cuisines are constantly evolving, never set in stone for eternity”.

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